Daredevils on the Stream

So much fanfare is going around the web (and television) for current and upcoming TV series of comic book heroes.

DC is not pulling any punches on Arrow and The Flash with its latest episodes that would be featuring some team-up. And Marvel is on a roll with its Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. showcase of the Inhumans. And also Netflix (with Marvel, still) releasing the first season of Daredevil – which by the way, is so bad-ass – paving the way for a more diverse Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not to mention, the previously ended Agent Carter which showed quite a few things that are the cause of the current and previous problems in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and some probable incoming plot point for a movie with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introducing the Inhumans.

Some of it are – in my opinion and careful insinuation:

  • Johann Fennhoff, aka Dr. Faustus meets Dr. Arnim Zola – which is the cause of the mind washing implementation on the Winter Soldier with Dr. Arnim Zola
  • the Diviner being found by the Howling Commandos, which was the cause of the birth of the Inhuman – Quake

There could be more that I missed, and more that will probably expand on some incoming series. Until then, I’ll be content on watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Now back to Daredevil, the Man Without Fear.


I really dig the transformation from the black overalls (with the mask) to the more iconic red suit with horns on the helmet. Up to now, I’ve watched up to episode 2 so I’m really thrilled for the whole season. 🙂


Crisis on My Infinite Brain

Hi I’m the Geek, and I have a problem. I am miserable, but I didnt know that. I am afraid, but I didnt know that. I am bored, but I didnt know that. I am alone, but I didn’t know that.

Why do I have these weird psychological problems even though im the generic man? I dont know that either.

You see, I approach a problem and solve it by knowing the it. You cant solve an equation if you don’t understand any of it, right? More and more things become unclear if you dive into something you try to fix yet have no idea of what it is or was.


I’ve been practically apathetical, and more so emphathetical. Recently, I’ve questioned my ability to do work. My ability to do chores. My ability to help. My ability to care. I somewhat have a goto answer, like “i dont know” with an accompanying shrug. I became a bit intolerable emotionally. I realized I became a bit of a wuss, or some might say “on his period” – please excuse that sexist comment.

I’ve came across various ideas in my head, and up until awhile ago I’am still a bit of a loon. Yes, I still have problems. Yes, I may still be a bit of a wuss. And yes, I might not be instantly better tomorrow. But, I know that things will get better.

Come hither, a brain storm. (not a sexual euphemism, mind you)

I remembered a term I [always] encountered. Existencial crisis. Yes, I’ve got the problem! Actually, I got the gist of it. I am practically – emotionally – imbalanced. Now, to self-diagnose myself based on our ever trusted buddy – Wikipedia. heh.

An existential crisis may result from or be a misdiagnosis of or be comorbid with:

  • Major depressive disorder
  • Dissatisfaction with one’s life
  • Major psychological trauma
  • The sense of being alone and isolated in the world;
  • A new-found grasp or appreciation of one’s mortality;
  • Believing that one’s life has no purpose or external meaning;
  • Searching for the meaning of life;
  • Shattering of one’s sense of reality, or how the world is;
  • Awareness of one’s freedom and the consequences of accepting or rejecting that freedom;
  • An extremely pleasurable or hurtful experience that leaves one seeking meaning;


Now, come the solutions. Which I’d rather solve by one’s own volition. I maybe a frail man but I believe I can overcome my own psychological problems, it’s my brain afterall. 🙂


(pseudo) Comic Book Fanatic on a Roll!

As a kid, I was already into printed media. Mostly requesting my parents to buy the Sunday paper ‘coz of the full page line-up of Pinoy Komiks or American 4-5 panel strips. But before that, I was so into the old-school classic “Combatron”, which I would describe as a space odyssey of “Rockman (Megaman)”.

Right now, with all the ravings for the superhero movies I was enticed to return to my comic book reading days. Back then I remember that I somehow collected a few X-Men volumes which up to this point I forgot where it came from and where did I put the damn things. LOL.

So, comic book-now-reading it-now-finding it-hard… I turned to my trusted friend~nemy the interwebs. And lo-and-behold! I found some yearly events of Marvel very enticing.

I first finished “Age of Ultron”, which was weird ‘coz a leak showed that it would be the next Avengers film. Heh, so this became my prelude to the film. I loved the ending which I didn’t expect… SRSLY.

Age of Ultron

*cross fingers* Hoping the story in the upcoming film will include more action and more ‘bot bashing scenes.

Then came a thought about the “Watchmen” issue of the world not wanting heroes, or wanting heroes to be moderated. So it came, I found “Civil War”!! And boy did I love this one! Killer plot, killer art and killer action scenes.

Civil War

This was my second most favorite Marvel event, which gave me the impression that I need to be more involved in the coming Marvel events.

Then came Planet Hulk, and the idea that inside what others think is a monster was for others a redeemer. Then a bomb exploded… yadah yadah… *boom* “World War Hulk”, which was revenge in Hulk style.

World War Hulk

Look at all those muscles! A huge-ass battle axe and a sword which I think is as big as my torso… or BIGGER! Definitely my personal top on Marvel events.

Now, Im on my 4th Marvel event – “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe”. A bit anti-climactic on the title, huh? But nooooo!! This ones a killer. Heh, merc joke. LOL. Cross fingers that I would be able to sleep early, ‘coz right now I’m already getting the jitters for wanting to read the whole series.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

Everyone seems shocked. I think Wade’s joke are just too bland sometimes. Heh, made a joke. *high five*

Another upcoming event is the “Secret Wars” series, and right now I’d better get updated on who’s who for the primer. 😀