Marvel~ous World of Super Heroes!!~

Yep, I think I am more into reading Marvel comics than DC. Although, I tend to be a Batman fan since discovering him way back in the 90’s than a Superman fanatic. And I just recently discovered Constantine, now a series, and not the weird movie starring Keanu Reeves.

To make the long story short, I’m starting out on my comic reading hype again. Finished a couple sagas already, but just recently put down the hammer on “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” and I dare say it was epic. The concept of the story was weird and amazing, FYI: I’m not a hardcore comic book fanatic – for now. 😀

So possibly, nothing could be better than the Merc with a Mouth… unless we do a face-off with the wisecracking quotes of, *cue dramatic drumroll please!* dun~ dun~ dunnn~ Spider-Man! Last year I visited the Superior Spider-Man series and it was way cooler than I expected, knowing the possibility that Doc Ock was successful in changing minds with Spider-Man. Of course that was just the introduction, ‘coz my main point is the Spider-Verse! *cue dramatic drumroll please!* dun~ dun~ dunnn~


Every Spider-Man ever!

I really enjoyed Spider-Verse, it was a retrospective look at what possible things can happen around our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler. It was the team-up of the… multiverse? Yup. That would be a better term, “Team-up of the Multiverse”. There are an assortment of wallcrawlers; regular spidey, techno-spidey, assassin spidey, noir spidey, lady spidey, cloned spidey, spider monkey, spider pig (Peter Porker, heh), gwen stacy spidey, japanese spidey with an awesome huge-ass robot – if I may point out.

So, I finished it in time and I was epic. Now I have an idea of Morlun, and why he is such a b***. Also for the most part, I loved the part that it became a stepping stone for “Spider-Gwen”. Yey! Another series I’d love to follow.

Now, I’m digging up on the Infinity saga on the Avengers series – if only Spidey could go to space, Space-Spidey anyone?!?