CARDBOARDS-play or Something like that…

Yup, CARDBOARDS… after scouring the internet I came up on a familiar site. Yup! Dorkly. Yes, yes yes. I read Dorkly … sometimes.

Anyway, I read whats in the post and this amazing video:

…a video of Les Cartonnades, or The French Box Wars, at Japan Touch Haru, a geek convention held in Lyons, France. Qu’est ce que Les Cartonnades? A group of grown men forge armor and weapons out of cardboard and then battle to the death (’til their cardboard armor has been destroyed)…

Well thats something I want to see, and surely I clicked play. And what can I say? I may have found a use for the dozen of cardboard boxes lying around my apartment. LOL.

So watch and enjoy. 🙂




  1. CaraPerez · April 24, 2015

    Hey mister, who are you going to play that with?


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