(pseudo) Comic Book Fanatic on a Roll!

As a kid, I was already into printed media. Mostly requesting my parents to buy the Sunday paper ‘coz of the full page line-up of Pinoy Komiks or American 4-5 panel strips. But before that, I was so into the old-school classic “Combatron”, which I would describe as a space odyssey of “Rockman (Megaman)”.

Right now, with all the ravings for the superhero movies I was enticed to return to my comic book reading days. Back then I remember that I somehow collected a few X-Men volumes which up to this point I forgot where it came from and where did I put the damn things. LOL.

So, comic book-now-reading it-now-finding it-hard… I turned to my trusted friend~nemy the interwebs. And lo-and-behold! I found some yearly events of Marvel very enticing.

I first finished “Age of Ultron”, which was weird ‘coz a leak showed that it would be the next Avengers film. Heh, so this became my prelude to the film. I loved the ending which I didn’t expect… SRSLY.

Age of Ultron

*cross fingers* Hoping the story in the upcoming film will include more action and more ‘bot bashing scenes.

Then came a thought about the “Watchmen” issue of the world not wanting heroes, or wanting heroes to be moderated. So it came, I found “Civil War”!! And boy did I love this one! Killer plot, killer art and killer action scenes.

Civil War

This was my second most favorite Marvel event, which gave me the impression that I need to be more involved in the coming Marvel events.

Then came Planet Hulk, and the idea that inside what others think is a monster was for others a redeemer. Then a bomb exploded… yadah yadah… *boom* “World War Hulk”, which was revenge in Hulk style.

World War Hulk

Look at all those muscles! A huge-ass battle axe and a sword which I think is as big as my torso… or BIGGER! Definitely my personal top on Marvel events.

Now, Im on my 4th Marvel event – “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe”. A bit anti-climactic on the title, huh? But nooooo!! This ones a killer. Heh, merc joke. LOL. Cross fingers that I would be able to sleep early, ‘coz right now I’m already getting the jitters for wanting to read the whole series.

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe

Everyone seems shocked. I think Wade’s joke are just too bland sometimes. Heh, made a joke. *high five*

Another upcoming event is the “Secret Wars” series, and right now I’d better get updated on who’s who for the primer. 😀