Incredible Wireless Data Transmission That Could Be An Alternative To Fiber Optics |

Strides on improving data transfer rates on cable connected devices are whats hot right now like USB 3.0, USB Type-C, Lightning adapter, Fiber Optics. But,…

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ROAD TO ULTRON 6 of 6: The MCU story so far

Great comprehensive timeline! 🙂


I’ll finally be watching Avengers Age of Ultron in less than 24 hours! I thought it was time to finish my ‘Road to Ultron’ series. Me and my sister watch all of the films in the MCU before we go to the cinema to watch the latest one. This takes longer and longer every time due to the fact there’s more films to watch!

For all those soon to watch the film too I thought it would be a good idea to show the story so far. The proper order of the films goes, Ironman, The Incredible Hulk, Ironman 2, Thor, Captain America the First Avenger, The Avengers, Ironman 3, Thor the Dark World, Captain America the Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy. What I’m going to do is put Captain America the First Avenger first because it’s set before the rest. I’m also going to slot Guardians of…

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Working Out and the Problems Associated with Repetition

So, me and my lady are planning to go to the gym. Just say, to start living healthy. I started my mental preparation, and so far its going great.

But, when I realized the real work you have to do inside the gym I kind’of got frustrated. And then I saw this comic.

I too feel frail and weak… especially when I see guns like those beside me.

Working out is a regime, you’ve got to be prepared and disciplined… and patient. 😀


Marvel Movies for Dummies: The Different Film Universes [BENEFICIAL TO MEDIOCRE FANS!]

Now I know where to point ‘her’ if ever she wants to know something and I’m just too tired to answer and explain. 😀 Thanks MarvelMovieManiac! 🙂


Okay, if there’s one thing I hate the most, it’s people that think the MCU is in the same universe as the X-Men universe. What’s even worse is people that think The Amazing Spiderman films are in the same universe too. What’s even worse than that are people that don’t even know what ‘MCU’ means! Sorry, it’s a touchy subject for me. Well roll up, roll up Marvel fans of every severity, you do NOT wanna miss this enlightening information! Even if you think you’ve grasped the idea it’d still be beneficial for you to read just in case you’re not, I’m only helping! (By the way, MCU stands for, ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’).

Let’s keep this simple, there’s three big companies currently producing Marvel films:
There’s Disney which create the MCU films which feature Iron-Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and friends (including Guardians of the Galaxy).
Fox have the rights to the X-Men series and…

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CARDBOARDS-play or Something like that…

Yup, CARDBOARDS… after scouring the internet I came up on a familiar site. Yup! Dorkly. Yes, yes yes. I read Dorkly … sometimes.

Anyway, I read whats in the post and this amazing video:

…a video of Les Cartonnades, or The French Box Wars, at Japan Touch Haru, a geek convention held in Lyons, France. Qu’est ce que Les Cartonnades? A group of grown men forge armor and weapons out of cardboard and then battle to the death (’til their cardboard armor has been destroyed)…

Well thats something I want to see, and surely I clicked play. And what can I say? I may have found a use for the dozen of cardboard boxes lying around my apartment. LOL.

So watch and enjoy. 🙂


Marvel~ous World of Super Heroes!!~

Yep, I think I am more into reading Marvel comics than DC. Although, I tend to be a Batman fan since discovering him way back in the 90’s than a Superman fanatic. And I just recently discovered Constantine, now a series, and not the weird movie starring Keanu Reeves.

To make the long story short, I’m starting out on my comic reading hype again. Finished a couple sagas already, but just recently put down the hammer on “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” and I dare say it was epic. The concept of the story was weird and amazing, FYI: I’m not a hardcore comic book fanatic – for now. 😀

So possibly, nothing could be better than the Merc with a Mouth… unless we do a face-off with the wisecracking quotes of, *cue dramatic drumroll please!* dun~ dun~ dunnn~ Spider-Man! Last year I visited the Superior Spider-Man series and it was way cooler than I expected, knowing the possibility that Doc Ock was successful in changing minds with Spider-Man. Of course that was just the introduction, ‘coz my main point is the Spider-Verse! *cue dramatic drumroll please!* dun~ dun~ dunnn~


Every Spider-Man ever!

I really enjoyed Spider-Verse, it was a retrospective look at what possible things can happen around our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler. It was the team-up of the… multiverse? Yup. That would be a better term, “Team-up of the Multiverse”. There are an assortment of wallcrawlers; regular spidey, techno-spidey, assassin spidey, noir spidey, lady spidey, cloned spidey, spider monkey, spider pig (Peter Porker, heh), gwen stacy spidey, japanese spidey with an awesome huge-ass robot – if I may point out.

So, I finished it in time and I was epic. Now I have an idea of Morlun, and why he is such a b***. Also for the most part, I loved the part that it became a stepping stone for “Spider-Gwen”. Yey! Another series I’d love to follow.

Now, I’m digging up on the Infinity saga on the Avengers series – if only Spidey could go to space, Space-Spidey anyone?!?


This Weekend in the Nerd Verse… April 18th-19th, 2015

fangasm on the new trailer of the Fantastic Four

Hush Comics

Netflix’s Daredevil becomes the second-most pirated show behind Game of Thrones. Considering that the total pirated number of GoT includes all four-plus seasons, that’s pretty nuts. If you’ve seen the way Matt Murdock handles criminals, you’d think twice about pirating this show. Source: Variety

Looks like John Ridley (12 Years A SlaveRed Tails) has been awarded the job of developing Marvel’s next TV series. Ridley has been in TV for decades, starting in the 90’s with MartinFresh Prince of Bel-Air and going all the way to the current American Crime… so the guy knows a thing or two about television. This could be the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off or something completely different. Source: EW

The NBA Playoffs are here! If you’re still confused on who to become a fan of, here’s one Redditor’s flowchart to break it down for you. Source

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